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Christmas Woodwork Craft For Kids to Make and Give – Wooden Owl

Of all the kids christmas woodwork projects that I have been involved with making, I think this one is my favourite – partly because I think it looks pretty cool, but also because the idea came from my 5 year old daughter. She came to me with a very specific idea of what she wanted to make, and tried to explain it to me. It sounded like it would be simple enough that she could have a fair amount of input, and so I asked her to go and draw a plan. 10 minutes later, she was back with a very cute picture of an owl that she had drawn, so I did my best to transfer that shape to a piece of timber, and she was very happy to see that the final product very closely resembles her original drawing.

Kids Wooden Christmas Craft Project - 3d Owl

Kids Wooden Christmas Craft Project – 3d Owl

Again, cut from a recycled offcut, this is possibly one of the simple woodworking ideas that you can make with your kids.

The body of the owl is solid timber.

The eyes were created by cutting discs from the end of an old fluted curtain rod that was lying around.

Create a beak from an offcut of timber

The wings and feet take a little bit of time, but are made by simply bending some pieces of fencing wire into the desired shape. I have tried to capture the detail of the wing and feet shapes in the picture below.

Kids Wooden Christmas Craft Project - 3d Owl wings and feet detail

Kids Wooden Christmas Craft Project – 3d Owl wings and feet detail

The wings and feet are attached by drilling holes into the body of the owl.

Being only 5 years old, my little one didn’t have a lot of involvement with actually cutting the pieces to shape, however she was able to attach the eyes and beak, and also put in quite a lot of time overseeing the job, making sure that I did a good job of cutting and shaping the various components. Nothing like the advice of a 5 year old to keep you on your toes!

In addition to the overseeing role, she also did a great job painting the owl.

This little guy has pride of place on my bedside table (after all, it turned out that it was a gift for my wife and me 🙂 ), and brings a smile to my face every time I see him standing there!

Naturally, this woodworking idea could be adapted to any of your favourite animals – perhaps make a pig, a cow or a penguin? I would love to see anything that others come up with, as I know I have a few more years of struggling to come up with enough ideas to keep my kids satisfied!

I look forward to hearing any ideas you have come up with, and hearing of how you have got your kids interested in woodworking

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