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Christmas Woodwork Craft For Kids to Make and Give – A Beautiful Message!

First off in the list of simple woodwork craft projects that my kids have come up with is this beautiful message that my eldest daughter came up with as a gift for her sisters.

Kids Wooden Christmas Craft Project - Beautiful Message

Kids Wooden Christmas Craft Project – Beautiful Message

From a woodworking idea perspective, this is about as simple as it gets! A simple square of timber (in this case, cut from a recycled laminated MDF kitchen cabinet door), which my daughter has then decorated, and added her beautiful message to. Every time I see this one sitting around, it melts my heart to think of what a lovely daughter I have that would write a message like this to her sister. I am sure she has borrowed the text from somewhere, but it obviously stuck in her mind, and she memorised it.

Made particularly special by the addition of the ribbon, a few “jewels” and some glitter – it just doesn’t get much better than this when you are a girl!

And from Dad’s perspective, it doesn’t get much better either – Christmas woodwork project ticked off just by cutting a square of MDF or two! Keep this one in mind when you are asked to produce something at the last minute, and feel free to update the message to anything that is appropriate…

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