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Woodwork Tools – The Arbortech Mini-Grinder Power Carver

After being given a couple of burls by a friend, I was looking around for the quickest way to hollow them out to turn them into bowls, and stumbled across this very cool woodwork tool – the Arbortech Mini Grinder. This is probably one of the coolest woodworking power tools that I have seen.
You can check out the product specs and videos of it in use at http://arbortech.com.au/view/woodworking-information/mini-grinder_20070202100615 (while you’re there, make sure you check out the air board – another very cool looking (although slightly impractical) device from these guys – a bit of a strange mix of products though!). There are also a few wood carving patterns available on their site, so have a look around if you are interested in some free wood carving patterns.
One of the reviews on Amazon says that it is cheaper over at Bailey’s but I had a look around, and Amazon seemed to have the best price that I could find (at the time of writing), so the review may be out of date. Note that almost all of the places that I found that mentioned this tool gave it a great review, and most also suggested buying the “Mini Carbide Cutter” blade as well, as it was so much more effective for finer detail work. Sounds like it would be great if you are into chainsaw carving for cleaning up those rough edges.
Unfortunately, it is probably not the sort of thing that you would buy just to carve a couple of burls, but for serious wood carvers, it looks like an ideal power tool for finer carving work.

I am still trying to find enough uses for it so that I can justify purchasing it – let me know if you come up with any uses for this tool that aren’t immediately obvious!

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