The Jointer Plane or Trying Plane

By Jeremie

The jointer plane (also commonly called the try or trying plane) is a woodworking tool designed for planing long edges square, straight and true. “Jointing” is the term used to describe this process, as it is generally done to prepare a board to be joined to another board, so that a single, wider board is […]



Woodworking Tools – The Scrub Plane

By Jeremie

In these times of pre-prepared timber and power thicknessers/planers, the scrub plane is one of the woodworking tools that you don’t see as often as other planes. Scrub planes do still come in handy in a number of situations such as (in my case) when you don’t have a thicknesser, or your board is too […]



The Block Plane

By Jeremie

The smallest of the planes commonly found amongst woodworking tools, the block plane is normally only about 5-6 inches long, and is designed to fit comfortably in one hand. Originally designed for trimming end grain, the block plane is a versatile woodwork tool that you will find many uses for. As I have mentioned in […]



The Smoothing Plane

By Jeremie

The smoothing plane is generally slightly smaller in length than the Jack Plane – typically 9-10inches long, with a blade width of around 2 inches, and is the last plane to be used to finish the surface of your wood. Many fine craftsmen will use the smoothing plane as the tool which gives the final […]



The Jack Plane

By Jeremie

This is the first of a series of very brief entries in which I intend to cover some of the different types of my favourite woodwork tools – hand planes. I thought I would start with one of the most common – the Jack Plane. The Jack plane is probably the most used of the […]



The Block Plane – My Latest Woodwork Tool

By Jeremie

Recently, I have developed an interest in building timber kayaks, and have launched into a project to construct my first kayak. I decided to dip my toe into the water (so to speak), by taking the easier stressed ply construction method, rather than jumping in with both feet and attacking a strip built kayak as my first project.   […]