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Woodwork Tools – Quality Vs Price

By Jeremie

Wander into any shop that sells woodwork tools, and you will be struck by the wide variety of prices that are on display, for items which appear to be almost identical. Take the compound miter saw as an example. When looking at compound miter saws, you can pretty much pay as much or as little […]



Woodwork Tools – The Arbortech Mini-Grinder Power Carver

By Jeremie

After being given a couple of burls by a friend, I was looking around for the quickest way to hollow them out to turn them into bowls, and stumbled across this very cool woodwork tool – the Arbortech Mini Grinder. This is probably one of the coolest woodworking power tools that I have seen. You […]



Woodworking Tools Companies Fight it Out with their Tracksaws

By Jeremie

I’ve been reading up on the recently released DeWalt tracksaw system, and by all accounts it sounds like an excellent product.   For those of you that aren’t familiar with the track saw system, it is a woodwork tool system which basically removes the need to clamp a scrap piece of (hopefully straight) timber on […]



Safe Woodworking with Sawstop

By Jeremie

In my school days (a number of years back now), I had the bizarre experience of seeing the thumb of the father of a friend of mine. That doesn’t sound so bizarre I hear you thinking, and it wouldn’t have been, except for the fact that I was viewing the thumb wrapped in plastic wrap, […]